Fox Rocky Horror Reboot to Feature Adam Lambert, Plays Tribute to David Bowie, Will Be Coming to the Ruth Eckerd Hall, And More

When David Bowie discovered Adam Lambert, he was just a child and even at that time, he felt that he had found a kindred spirit in music.

On the day Bowie’s death at age 69 was declared, Adam Lambert said “Foremost is the music, but the first thing that I saw as a spectator was how he looked and his image and his styling and his concepts that he pushed forward that were so out of the box and so forward-thinking,” Lambert further declared, “I loved how he challenged people as far as what he thought of how gender was represented.

I love that he borrowed from the mime culture in some of his early stuff and how he reinvented himself decade by decade. I think he really inspired a lot of pop artists that way.”

When David Bowie released Let’s Dance in 1983, Adam was only 1. Years later, he had the opportunity to record with the legendary producer of that album, Nile Rodgers.

Lambert said that he has a particular fond spot when it comes to Bowie’s collaboration with Nile since he had the chance to work with Nile and furthermore, he loved the stories and sound that was put forward by him, during that era. Lambert said, “I loved the funky kind of dance hybrid stuff that he was doing.”

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