Fox Released Four Snippets From Gotham Season 3, Mad Hatter To Be A Part Of The Upcoming Season, Photos Of Scripts Uploaded And Removed!

The Mad Hatter might be bordering on madness, but he is a scientific genius. The comic book lovers would know that he doesn’t always work on his own. There is still no clarification on which villains he is going to team up with in Gotham Season 3. The comics talk about Vicki Vale managing to capture Mad Hatter.

Since Vicki Vale is still young, her aunt, Valerie Young is being brought in for Gotham Season 3. Valerie is a reporter, and she is going to be all over the Indian Hill investigations. This has given rise to speculation that the Fox series might change things up a bit and cause Valerie to carry out Vicki’s role in Season 3 of Gotham.

Drew Powell, who plays the role of Butch Gilzean in Gotham Season 3, has shared a photo of the script covers for the first two episodes. The first episode is titled “Better to Reign in Hell” and the second one is titled “Burn The Witches.” The scripts also reveal that the first two episodes of Season 3 have been penned by Ken Woodruff and John Stephens, while Danny Cannon is going to direct them. Powell had taken down the photos from his Twitter account, but the screenshots have gone viral.

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