Fox Released Four Snippets From Gotham Season 3, Mad Hatter To Be A Part Of The Upcoming Season, Photos Of Scripts Uploaded And Removed!

The third season of Gotham is under production and the tagline for Season 3 is indicates that the heroes are going to fall this time round. The first season was about the rise of the villains, and then there was the display of their wrath. The third season is going to be all about the heroes falling.

The new video for the Gotham Season 3 has been released, and it shows James Gordon (Ben MacKenzie), Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Taylor), Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue). This makes it very clear to the fans that Gotham Season 3 is going to deal with these four characters primarily.

Fox has released a quartet with four tiny video snippets that take the viewers deep into the happenings of Gotham Season 3. The teasers promise an edge of the seat experience. The first footage opens with Gordon walking into a dark room, but then someone walks in behind him, and Gordon is shown with a gun to his head. The other snippets show Bullock while Alfred is preparing for an attack.

Season 3 of Gotham is going to bring in quite a few new faces. Danny Cannon, the director and executive producer of Gotham has already shared an image that shows Jada Pinkett Smith in her role of Fish Mooney. Along with her, Maggie Geha is going to join Gotham Season 3 as Poison Ivy; Jamie Chung is going to play the role of Valerie Vale, a reporter.

The Gotham Season 3 poster for Comic Con has already teased the Court of Owls, and the fans of the series are waiting for the panel meet for Gotham on Saturday to find out more about the upcoming season.

The second season of Gotham came to a thrilling end with Detectives Gordon and Bullock at the frontline of the fight against the city that is being overpowered by the villains. The season threw light on the dangerous experiments being carried out by Hugo Strange (B.D Wang) for the black ops program of Wayne Enterprise.

Bruce Wayne, along with his butler and mentor, Alfred Pennyworth and friend, Lucious Fox, try and uncover more secrets about the Wayne murders. This was the central premise for the second season of Gotham.

The upcoming season will see some malevolent villains coming into the seen. The Riddler, The Penguin, Catwoman and Barbara Kean are going to make an appearance in Gotham Season 3.

International Business Times has reported that the series is also going to throw more light on the story of the Mad Hatter and the Court of Owls. Benedict Samuel has been cast as the Mad Hatter in Season 3 of Gotham. The character has been borrowed from the classic tale, Alice in Wonderland and the villain has borrowed his name from Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter.

The Mad Hatter’s real name is Jervich Tetch, and he is searching for his sister, Alice, which has got him into Gotham in Season 3. The original comic book story talks about him kidnapping young girls; he believed to be “Alice,” to become a part of his tea-parties. The Mad Hatter is considered to be bordering on madness.

TV Line reported that the character description of the Mad Hatter talks about him having a history of Arkham Asylum. He also suffers from schizophrenia, delusions, and obsessive compulsive disorder. He might not start the series in an asylum, but he is surely going to be a crazy force to reckon with Gotham Season 3.