Coalition Makes Success With Unreal Engine 4 In Gears Of War 4, Final Game Different From Beta Version!

The Gears of War 4 demo at E3 2016 had blown the minds of the players. The coalition has been working hard for Gears of Wars 4, and it looks like it has played off.

While the E3 demo was running on Xbox One, Euro Gamer has reported that the developers are working on a PC version as well for the game. Gears of War has always been at the top of their game, but to come up with a game that works on multiple platforms and to make all of that possible with a new team is a feat.

While the demo on stage captivated the audience at Gears of War 4, the 25-minute long demo that was shown afterward, was the one that won hands down. The co-op mode of the game was shown on Xbox One and PC, using the Play Anywhere initiative by Xbox. The PC version of Gears of War 4 was displayed on a 4K LCD of 98-inch. The game was at high resolution, and it looked good on the giant screen.

During the same time, the audience was treated to the Xbox One S version, which was connected to a 65-inch HDR OLED screen. Even though the PC had a better resolution, the HDR along with the OLED made all the difference, and the players interested in getting their hands on the Gear of War 4 started considering the HDR enabled OLED televisions for the game.

Mike Rayner, the Technical Director of Coalition, has come out to answer fan queries on Gears of War 4. He spoke about working with Unreal Engine 4. There have been several game developers who have talked about the problems working with the Unreal Engine 4. However, things were different for Coalition.

They have previously worked with Unreal Engine 3 in all their previous Gears of War games and have an excellent relationship with the team. The first success that Coalition saw with Unreal Engine 4 was back in 2012.

The Coalition is also a part of the Unreal Engine Technical Advisory Board, and they have given their valuable feedbacks. Microsoft has also continued to fix bugs and make several optimizations in the platform.

There is a lot of anticipation from Gears of War 4. While the beta version was a huge disappointment, the developers at Coalition aren’t worried about it. They have stated that the beta version was from the pre-Alpha stage of the project, and a lot of animations, texture, audio and gameplay wasn’t introduced. Kirk Gibbson from Coalition said that they had built a different game altogether from what the players had seen in the beta version of Gears of War 4.

Since the beta version, Gears of War 4 has gone to include weapons that all support Active Reload. The weapons now have side-by-side balance, and different weapons like the Gnasher, Hammerburst and Dropshot have been worked on.

The framerate for the game has also been improved to stable 60FPS, and the light has been tweaked for contrast and color.

Parent Herald reported that the gameplay for Gear of War 4 includes Del, Kait, JD and Marcus Fenix. They are all looking for the kidnappers of Kait’s parents. The realm included in Gears of War 4 is huge, and it includes several close encounters and includes lines of perception for the players who want to control the scopes between themselves and their rivals.