Coalition Makes Success With Unreal Engine 4 In Gears Of War 4, Final Game Different From Beta Version!

With numerous new games being released in the coming months, Seagate has come out to reveal that they are going to launch their Xbox One optimized portable hard drive with Gears of War 4. This will give the players more option to store and transfer their game and the other data that is required for their consoles. The portable hard drive is going to have a distinctive Gear of Wars branding, which will include battle-worn designs from Gears of War 4 accessories and merchandise.

The Seagate portable hard drive is going to be of 2TB, which will give the players enough space to save 50 games that they play on Xbox One. The hard drive is going to have a USB 3.0, which will make it easy for the players to plug it in directly and play from the portable drive. This device is perfect for players who always move and want to carry their games with them.

Digital Trends reported that those who buy the Seagate hard drive during the launch would get two extra Gears of War 4 gear packs along with game bonuses. The offer also includes weapon skins, additional outfits, and boosts. The Game Drive, as the hard drive is being called by Seagate, is available from September and is going to be priced at $100.

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