The Ghost Riders Are The Villains In Teen Wolf Season 6, Dylan O’Brien And Cody Christian Are Back, Will Be The Final Season For The Series!

The San Diego Comic-Con was a place that brought in a lot of cheer and excitement since the fans of various television shows found out about what they have been earnestly waiting for. However, things were a little sad in the MTV hanger as the fans of Teen Wolf found out that Season 6 is going to be the final season of the popular series. Teen Wolf has been a gripping series, and it is beyond doubt that the fans were are disappointed to see their favorite series come to an end.

Knowing that the fans are going to be devastated to find out that Teen Wolf Season 6 is going to be the finale of the series, the panelists for the show came out to the San Diego Comic-Con prepared for the worst. After the sad news had been dealt out, they went all out to make sure that the fans were given some news and information to cheer upon.

MTV decided to treat the fans of the show with the trailer and the teaser promo for Teen Wolf Season 6. The first trailer for the final season shows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and some of his friends being hunted by what looks like a hunter, who has in his possession a myriad of weapons.

The tone of Teen Wolf Season 6, as judged from the trailer and the teaser promo looks to be sinister and dark. It sounds like the showdown between Scott and Stiles and their wolf gang is right around the corner. The teen wolves will have to fight a major battle. The teasers hint at the fact that the characters are going to end the show with a major bang and won’t bow out softly.

The Teen Wolf team at San Diego Comic-Con included Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, Holland Rhoden, Khylin Rhambo and Cody Christian, along with executive producer, Jeff Davis. Now that the fans know who the villain for Season 6 is, the cast members and the executive producer decided to shell out more scoops on him.

International Business Times reported that Season 6 is going to introduce the viewers to The Ghost Riders and the mythological Wild Hunt. He said that there is a general idea that the wild hunt takes people, but the reality is graver than that.

The Wild Hunt is believed to erase people’s existence completely. The ones responsible for the Wild Hunt in Teen Wolf Season 6 are going to The Ghost Riders.

The panel teased that the next target of The Ghost Riders is going to none other than Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien). The Riders are going to erase him from the memories of his friends and family and remove him from the world that he once shared. The Ghost Riders are connected to the Nazi werewolf that was teased in Season 5 finale.

Not only is the plot for Teen Wolf Season 6 exciting, but the fans are also going to see their favorite characters coming. Since Cody Christian was a part of the panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the fans are sure that Theo Raeken is going to be back in Season 6. The second half of Season 5 had seen Theo being dragged into hell by his sister, whom he left to die.

It looked like a fitting end to the character of the chimera, but then Jeff Davis clearly has other plans for Theo and Cody Christian is going to be back for Teen Wolf Season 6. With Cody coming back, there was a lot of anticipation about whether Kira (Arden Cho) is going to be brought back for Season 6.