The Ghost Riders Are The Villains In Teen Wolf Season 6, Dylan O’Brien And Cody Christian Are Back, Will Be The Final Season For The Series!

The finale of Season 5 of Teen Wolf had shown Kira walking off into the distance, along with a group of Skinwalker, who like Scott and Kira, had the ability to change into different animals. However, Arden Cho had emotionally informed the fans that she would not be a part of Teen Wolf Season 6, and this had disappointed the fans.

However, there is another good news that the fans can cheer about. According to Inquisitr, Dylan O’Brien has recovered enough from his injuries on the set of The Maze Runner, to be back for Teen Wolf Season 6 in person. There were speculations that the show is going to go for a body double until he is back on his feet.

Talking about the journey that the show has enjoyed over the years, Jeff Davis extended his gratitude to the fans who have supported them. He said that the six years with Teen Wolf had been a great one. In return for the love and support that they have received from the fans of the series, the whole team has worked hard to make the final season nothing less than an adventure.

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