First Gameplay Trailer For No Man’s Sky Released, Players Can Name The New Flora And Fauna That They Discover, Official Release On 10th August!

Given the vastness of the universe, it is going to be almost impossible for two players to meet. Players can see the location of their friends in the universe of No Man’s Sky, but there is virtually no possibility of them crossing the path.

Sean Murray has made it very clear that the game isn’t a multiplayer game. He even added that the primary purpose of making the game so vast was to give the players the feel of the real universe.

After months of no news about No Man’s Sky, the fans can finally rest in peace since Hello Games confirms the 10th August release at the end of the gameplay trailer. No Man’s Sky had seen some delays, but it looks like the game is back on track and is riding high on the expectation of all the players.

The game was supposed to release in June, but it got postpone. There was a lot of speculation when Hello Games decided to skip E3 2016.

Some came out to state that the game might have been canceled, and it was because of this reason that Hello Games stayed away from the Expo. However, it has now become clear that Hello Games had stayed away from E3 2016 because they were focusing on the development of No Man’s Sky and didn’t want to divert their attention.

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