Attack on Titan Season 2 Will Release in 2017 and Will Feature a Countryside-Setting, Expect Violent Showdowns between Rogue And Armored Titans!

Season 2 of Attack on Titan will return in spring and from the looks of it, the highly popular anime series will move away to the countryside from the walled cities of the 1st season. It was recently confirmed by Crunchy Roll that the second season would release in early 2017 after it was delayed multiple times since the first season debuted back in 2013.

This led to a lot of speculations suggesting that we will finally get to see more of Attack on Titan. According to GameNGuide, new episodes will release in March in Japan.

Moreover, the scripts for this upcoming season have already been completed. Japan Today reported that television shows of Japan come out in April and moreover and this is probably when Attack on Titan Season 2 will debut as well.

Keep in mind that neither of these reports has been confirmed by Wit Studio, the producers of this particular anime. From the looks of it, even if Attack on Titan Season 2 releases, we will have to wait for a long time before English dubbed and subbed editions come out. According to Movie Pilot, Season 2 of Attack on Titan will focus on Wall Rose politics along with the plot connecting the government to the Titans.

As the protagonists fight for survival, the show will move to a countryside setting. Further rumors suggest that the show will totally deviate from the manga plot, but that doesn’t make any sense since the anime itself was delayed so that the manga storyline could develop more deeply.

The storyline of Attack on Titan follows three heroes defending humanity from massive monsters. It has been continued in spin-off shows, the manga and also a multi-platform game which is supposed to release on 30th August. At the same time, fans have been waiting for years to witness the second season of Attack on Titan.

Fans of the popular Attack on Titan series by Hajime Isayama, have been waiting for a long time to witness Season 2. The events which follow after the end of Season 1 are the most intense in the manga. There are many breathtaking moments in Season 1 but in Season 2, there is a higher level of violence, incredible suspense, and overall intensity.

We can be sure that Season 2 will feature two, great, bloody battles featuring the Armored Titan and the Rogue Titan. Eren Jaeger, the protagonist, summoned the Rogue Titan, and it is the wildest Titan shifter in this series. Meanwhile, the Armored Titan is supposed to be a Survey Corps member and it is the very pinnacle of accuracy and deadly control.

Two Titans clashed twice in the manga and each time, it resulted in a brawl that would put the final battle between the Female and Rogue Titan to shame. In the manga, the most important part of the battle between these two giants was that over the years, Isayama developed people who now lie within these monsters.

Viewers will sad when they see these two monsters engaging in vicious, violent battle because inside them are two people who were comrades earlier.

Meanwhile, things haven’t been going great for the Dead or Alive franchise. It was earlier reported that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 would not release in the US. When a fan inquired on the game’s official Facebook account, a broken English response explained that it wouldn’t be released in the US since it was accused of sexism from SJWs.

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