First Gameplay Trailer For No Man’s Sky Released, Players Can Name The New Flora And Fauna That They Discover, Official Release On 10th August!

The trailer for No Man’s Sky by Hello Games has been released, and exploration seems to be the founding stone for the game. The trailer that has been released is the first of many that will be released by Hello Games. These trailers will give the fans a better idea of how to go about the game and what to do.

As has already been revealed by the game developers, the game will enable the players to explore a huge universe with a myriad of planets in it. Polygon reported that each player of No Man’s Sky is going to start out on their tiny corner in the vast universe and begin exploring the planets.

The trick of No Man’s Sky is exploration. The more one explores, the more one gets to discover new resources. With the new planets that they explore, the get to unlock the different resources and technologies that are available in these planets and accordingly modify their spaceship and upgrade their suit.

Hello Games has decided to come out with a series of videos of that will focus on the three core elements of No Man’s Sky. The players will get to learn all about combat, trading, and survival in the videos that will be released for the benefit of the players.

With only a month away from No Man’s Sky’s release, the fans are gearing up to learn everything possible about the game so that they can start playing it when it comes out.

The gameplay trailer, Explore, released by Hello Games and No Man’s Sky focuses on the planets that are present in the game. Hello Games has already mentioned that there are numerous planets to explore in No Man’s Sky, and they mention endless discovery and limitless variety in the trailer for the exploration as well.

The gameplay trailer, as revealed by Express starts from the space station and then proceeds to the different planets, where the players can land during different times of the day. Each of the planets has their unique ecosystem and climate. The players will also witness different levels of danger in the planets.

There are some planets where the climate might be ranging from extremes from cold and heat, while some of them might be infested with deadly animals and toxic plants. When the players find out new wildlife, they even have the chance to name them on their own. If someone else has discovered the planet before, then the players will get to see the names that have already been assigned to the flora and fauna.

This is not where the interesting part of No Man’s Sky comes to an end. The game also allows the players to explore the size of the planet by zooming out into space. The trailer of No Man’s Sky has created major excitement for the game, and the players are looking forward to the remaining gameplay trailer.

The size of No Man’s Sky is vast with 18 quintillion planets to explore. The developers had even said that it will be tough for a single player to ever complete the game given that there are so many planets to explore, each with its set of unique features.Tech Insider has reported that it will take more than 500 billion years for a player to cover all the planets in No Man’s Sky.