Final Fantasy 7 Expected to Release in Q3 2017 Or 2018, New 3D Ride to Be Opened By Square Enix!

According to GameSpot, it revealed the games that were scheduled to come out between now and 2017. Final Fantasy 7 remake was not present in this said list.  This indicates that it will release much later, hopefully in Q3 2017. Further reports pertaining to Final Fantasy XV indicate that it will be released on 30th September.

The other games to be launched this year are Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Rise of the Tomb Raider. It is believed that all these games will release by 2016. Rise of the Tomb Raider is slated for a release this holiday. Keep in mind that Final Fantasy 7 remake is not mentioned in the list.

Meanwhile, Square Enix is expected to open a 3D Ride, which is actually inspired on this game. Ecumenical News came to know that Final Fantasy 7 remake will release in Q3 2017, as mentioned before. A lot of you probably don’t know that Final Fantasy XV is actually a spin-off titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It links up with Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy.

Reports reveal that Square Enix tied up with Riva Digital in order to introduce a 3D ride that is based on Final Fantasy 7. qualitydisc, a Neogaf user, reported that the ride is named Final Fantasy VII: Escape from Midgar and according to the logo, it is themed on Advent Children and will open in Dubai.

Stay tuned for more updates on Final Fantasy 7!