Final Fantasy 7 Expected to Release in Q3 2017 Or 2018, New 3D Ride to Be Opened By Square Enix!

It is expected that Square Enix will have its plate full in the upcoming E3 2016. It will include a few gaming titles under the Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy brand. We have already heard a lot about Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds and characters so it’s time to focus on the future of Final Fantasy. The titles which are most likely to be released by Square Enix in E3 are “Final Fantasy XV” and “Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age”.

In last year’s E3, Square Enix announced that its Final Fantasy 7 remake was under development. There hasn’t been a lot of news till date and gamers really wish to know a lot of things about the game title. According to the last update which was linked to the Final Fantasy 7 remake, the game was expected to be broken up into several full-length episodes.

This would be similar to what Square Enix had done with Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy XIII was segregated into three different titles and the same path could be followed by the Final Fantasy 7 remake. This needs a lot of confirmation and fans are hoping that it will happen in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo.

If the Final Fantasy 7 remake is broken up into several parts, gamers will most likely witness the same pattern followed till date, through downloadable content packs. With that awesome privilege, it will be easy for gamers to receive, update and manage.

Some of the upcoming features were already shown during a recent trailer. Some of the changes which are noticeable are workarounds and combat style changes. However, be ready to witness a lot more adjustments which go as far as the logistics for this game.

Last year was a surprise for Final Fantasy fans since Square Enix talked about their upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake. Fans have been waiting for this game for a long time and with E3 drawing near, gamers have started to expect a lot more juicy details.

At the moment, the game developer’s lineup is pretty full but it should leave a place vacant for Final Fantasy 7 remake. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XV is expected to release during September. The studio could also focus on some other titles like Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

According to the game’s official trailer, there have been changes in combat, basically its style and workaround. However, we are waiting to know what Square Enix altered or retained in this upcoming title.

From the looks of it, the game developer is currently busy with the first part of the game and a lot of progress is needed. In other news, the other game, titled Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is expected to release on PlayStation 4 next year, in Europe and North America.

Earlier reports suggested that Final Fantasy XV would release on 20th September 2016. Therefore, you can expect the remake to be released sometime in September 2017. Other rumors suggest that the remake could be moved forward to 2018 as well.

When Square Enix announced Final Fantasy 7 remake last year, it didn’t tell us when this game would be released. Fans speculated that this game would be released by 14-16th June in the E3 Expo. Other rumors suggested that the remake will release in Q3 2017. The official financial report for 2016 has already been revealed by Square Enix.