Bandai Namco to Release Two New Dark Souls 3 DLCs, Expect Them to Be Announced at E3 2016!

In terms of sales, Bandai Namco’s Dark Souls 3 is currently the number 1 in PC. Fans are simply pining for downloadable content being released for this title. Reports indicate that it will be announced during E3 this month. Players are currently rejoicing since Bandai Namco has declared that they will be releasing two DLC packs for the game.

The names of these extensions are yet to be revealed but both these packs will be released by fall. Besides the two new expansion packs, the game will be issued with its previous DLCs, which include “Crown of the Sunken King,” “Artorias of the Abyss”,” Crown of the Old Iron King,” along with “Crown of the Ivory King.” Rumors indicate that these new DLCs will contain new features like travelling into the past along with the addition of some amazing geographical backdrops.

If you consider the previous installments and expansion packs for this game, you can safely believe that the game will feature smaller maps as opposed to what other fans are expecting. The game released in April but it has been quite some time since then.

Most players have already finished the game or currently facing the end. The upcoming DLC packs will be a welcome addition to people who simply cannot get enough of this title. Reports suggest that Dark Souls 3 expansion packs will be sold together at $25.

However, they can be bought separately but individual prices are yet to be confirmed. During its first month of release, the game generated around 45 million dollars worldwide. Dark Souls 3 is also the first installment in the franchise which performed significantly better on PC compared to all other platforms.

There is loads of new stuff coming our way in the upcoming E3 expo. We have reports some of major titles to be unveiled and new expansion packs to be released.

Fans are currently expecting Dark Souls 3 DLCs to be revealed. Reports indicate that several months after the release of Dark Souls 3, fans are currently anticipating two new downloadable packs. The previous DLCs that were released by From Software for Dark Souls 3 received great reviews from gamers and critics together.

Therefore, both upcoming DLCs will prove to be amazing downloads. It has been further reported that players will see known areas that were already visited by gamers in the first two titles. Dark Souls 3 will be the proper conclusion to this saga.

According to some other gamers, this DLC will feature expanded lore. It will have a new game setting along with the ability to time travel, provided you can only visit the past. The sales of this game are expected to increase phenomenally, considering the reports of upcoming DLC packs. We don’t have a lot of details at the moment but expect them to be released soon enough.

E3 will be taking place from 14th to 16th June in Los Angeles, California. A Season Pass description read that you can challenge yourself with new maps, weapons, armor sets and new enemies. Players need to prepare themselves once more and get ready for the darkness.

Breathe cast reports that the DLC release for Dark Souls 3 is expected to take place in E3. Dark Souls 3 has overcome all estimates for both PC and console platforms. The sales for digital game rose to 6.2 billion dollars in April, according to data released by SuperData Research.