Final Fantasy 15, Thirty Minutes Gameplay Out, Demo Has 90% Approval

The more pressing question on the minds of gamers is what the dividing line is. Are we going to be stuck with linear gameplay once we have reached a certain point in the story? And if that is indeed so, then are we stuck in this linear path or can we fast-travel to the open map at any time we choose?

In order to ensure a smooth transition Square Enix has to do it just right. Since Final Fantasy 15 has gone through some pretty heavy changes over the past few months and is now getting another delay to guarantee optimum performance, gamers are worried about some content getting cropped off.

However, the game director also assured players that the RPG’s main operation still takes about 40-50 hours to beat. Even if one plays through the first half and just the main route of the second half, the estimated play-time still reaches at around 40 to 50 hours.

In case someone wants to complete the game one hundred percent, then they will have to spend a good two hundred hours on the game. As all seasoned fans of Final Fantasy knows that is a given for the course.

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding Final Fantasy 15.