Resident Evil 4 Released Today

So Resident Evil 4 is out and it can never look better than how it is looking now. The third person survival shooter horror video game which was first released in 2005 to much critical acclaim was released today for the third generation gaming consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it does not disappoint.

It is available for $20 in the PS Store and $19.99 at Microsoft’s online store and occupies around 8.4 gigabytes space.

The game will be able to run at 1080p resolutions and will have frame rates much higher than the original game (60 frames per second).

Also added are some add-ons which include a separate story which will explain more of the background of the mysterious character of Ada Wong and her role in the plot. She According to Capcom is an important character.

As a fan writes, the biggest tragedy of Resident Evil 4 is the loss of Kennedy’s jacket which combines the styles of a bomber and a biker which goes missing less than an hour into the game. This otherwise harmless trivia goes on to show the effect enhanced and improved visuals have on the gamers.

For those who have forgotten and for the uninitiated, the story revolves around the attractive Leon S. Kennedy, a US government special agent who goes to a Spanish village to rescue former US President Graham’s daughter Ashley Graham who had been kidnapped by members of a certain cult under the command of Los Illuminados.

In one of the promotional videos, which showed noticeable improvements in the lighting effects, we had seen Ashley helping Leon solve a puzzle. A list of the Achievements and Trophies released by Exophase shows that there has been no change from those in the PlayStation 3 version which means that with a total of 12 Trophies including one Gold Trophy, there will be no Platinum.

The Trophy list contains major spoilers like the former partner of Leon being defeated in battle, the defeat of Salazar and A Heart of Steel which is the Gold Trophy requiring the gamer to play at the highest level of difficulty. The list is provided below:

It Begins With a Ring: here one is required to ring a mysterious bell. Though what happens next depends on the gamer. (50 GS)

Do Not Shoot the Water: Where one needs to summon the master of the lake without rocking one’s boat. (50 GS)

A Rock and a Hard Place: The player has to defeat a beast named El Gigante. (50 GS)

Secure the Ballistics: Here, Ashley Graham is to be rescued from the village church. (50 GS)

A Bloodline Severed: The village chief has to be vanquished. (50 GS)

A Terrifying Assassin: Verdugo, the assistant of Salazar, has to be cornered. (150 GS)

The Castellan Falls: Salazar has to be defeated before one makes the escape from the castle. (50 GS)

Then Ties That Bind: The former partner of the player, Krauser, has to be defeated. (50 GS)

We’re Going Home: Saddler is to be defeated. (100 GS)

A Heart of Steel: Maybe some surprise after the previous level, whose name appears to be deceptive. This is supposed to be the most difficult level. (150 GS)

What Is They Worth: Where all the bottle caps are to be collected. (150 GS)

The S Stands for Stylish: Where all the costumes are to be collected. (100 GS)

To polish the rust off some of the names listed above, let us run a recap.

The first of his ilk and a tribute to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is Dr. Salvador.