Final Fantasy 15, Thirty Minutes Gameplay Out, Demo Has 90% Approval

The thirty minutes of cinematic’s and gameplay for Final Fantasy 15 was published on the 28th of August by Square Enix. The video of the game is in Japanese and apparently, so are all the subtitles.

According to NeoGAF users, the video is scrapped from both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Final Fantasy 15, which accounts for any visual discrepancies present in the gameplay. Even though a few of the things seen here have been seen before, there are also new sequences and features revealed to fans in this current video.

The new things featured in the video about the game seem to appear mostly between ten to thirty-one-minute marks. Final Fantasy 15 is scheduled for a launch on the 29th of November this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This week director Hajime Tabata in an interview told Famitsu that the game would deviate from an open-world format to a linear path.

This will take place about halfway through the game to keep players engrossed on the narrative as it makes its way toward a resolution. The bottom-line being that the play-through should provide about fifty hours of gameplay, according to the game’s director.

The latest demo for Final Fantasy 15 was playable at Gamescom and it seems that fans are loving it. The demo was approved by 90% of the fans.

Hajime Tabata shared some statistics, according to a new Active Time Report from people who played the demo at Gamescom 2016. After testing out the game’s demo they were encouraged to give their feedback on a tablet. The options that they were given to choose from were positive, neutral or negative.

Square Enix must be thrilled after scrutinizing the results, as an overwhelming majority of the people gave a positive response. According to reports 90% of people gave the demo positive feedback, while only 2% came down with a negative opinion for Final Fantasy 15. Sticking to the neutral side were about 8% of the total population of testers.

This is indeed great news for Square Enix, as the last thing they or anybody would want to receive is undesirable feedback. Even better news is that they still have at their disposal a few more months to brush up the game before its November release.

That is two months after the original release date for the game, which was previously announced to supposedly have been launched on September the 30th 2016.

Hajime Tabata revealed that the main campaign of Final Fantasy 15 consists of 15 chapters and that half of those chapters will be set in open environments. Whereas the other half of them is going to be linear-based. Tabata said in the interview that the first half keeps going as an open-world while the story in the later half is led by a linear path.

This is done so that the gamers won’t get bored of an open-world, when the rest of the game tightens. Hence, he says the game was made in such a way that players will also get to advance through it, as one usually does in conventional Final Fantasy games.

In retrospect, this mix of linear and open-world gameplay is a grand idea because too much freedom can be a bad thing in games. Take for example the game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Tabata is aware of the fact that traditional Final Fantasy players will rush into Final Fantasy 15, so he felt it was needed to provide for both the new and old gamers.