Mass Effect Andromeda Stated To Release Between January And March 2017

There has been nothing new for quite a while on the Mass Effect Andromeda front, the fourth instalment in the Mass Effect video game series. At E3 in June 2016 BioWare, the developer of the game series, got the players acquainted to the female version of the game’s main character. Electronic Arts or EA, the publisher of the sci-fi role-playing game franchise was also very buttoned up regarding Mass Effect Andromeda at Gamescom, held this August.

The Executive Vice President of EA Patrick Soderlund has given a statement to Game Informer as the disappointment and anxiety of the players had reached a new high. He was on a short vacation and upon returning he has played through the first three hours of the game.

According to him, the game is very “playable” and there is no need for alarm as to why they are not showing it. He wants the game to get the right kind of exposure at the right time, and he says to the players that they would get to see a lot in a short while.

For the present, EA wants to focus on the titles scheduled to release between October and December. Hence sports titles like FIFA 17, NHL 17 and shooter franchises like Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 stole the show at the Gamescom, held in Cologne, Germany.

The EA assures the avid fans of Mass Effect Andromeda that the release of some in-game footage is due in the not too distant future and according to them, they await the right voice for the fourth episode of the Mass Effect franchise.

Speculations are that in-game footage of the Mass Effect Andromeda would be made public on the N7 Day, which is November 7, the anniversary of the Mass Effect franchise. Mass Effect Andromeda is stated to release between January and March 2017. The first teaser of Mass Effect Andromeda was revealed on the N7 Day of last year and the game was supposed to release in the Q4 of this year.

The fans of the franchise hold the departure of big names to be accountable for the delay of the release of the upcoming instalment. The storyline and the setting of the most anticipated space epic would be different from that of its preceding trilogy. Mass Effect Andromeda is not the successor of the Mass Effect trilogy but is inspired by it.

BioWare reports that Mass Effect Andromeda is their most ambitious venture till date. Mass Effect Andromeda, as the name suggests would unfold in the Andromeda galaxy instead of the Milky Way.

Rumors are that players would be able to carry out planetary expeditions in a more appealing and improved Mako Rover. Commander Shepard has retired and his shoes are filled in by Ryder.

Ryder is a tabula rasa and the game lets the player customize Ryder. When the trailer for the first Mass Effect kicked off, it featured a male Commander Shepard and it was only after the game was released that the players knew that they could also play as a woman. BioWare explains that back then they drew inspiration from traditional entertainment marketing and introduced a male Shepard but the industry has changed and they are catering to that end.

Nowadays people have a choice in everything. Therefore they don’t want something to identify with; rather they want to create their own thing.

To go with the times, BioWare enables the players in the new game of the Mass Effect franchise to create their character. It was their conscious decision to introduce the female Ryder in the trailer of the Mass Effect Andromeda to balance out the trailers of the Mass Effect trilogy.

According to BioWare the crew members like Garrus of the Mass Effect trilogy have taken their leave and for good. The next instalment of the franchise would be furnished with an entirely new crew like a biotics expert Cora and a Krogan named Drake. This might drive some of the players up the wall but looks like even the players have to embrace changes.

The Mass Effect Andromeda will see the humanity land up on a distant planet. The human race would invade the planet and have to conquer new and hostile territories.

The players are the aliens on the planet and would have to colonize the virulent aboriginals, who are a threat to the survival of the human race. The tale would revolve around the survival of humanity.