Mass Effect Andromeda Stated To Release Between January And March 2017

As the survival of the fittest would continue on the alien planet, Mass Effect Andromeda would let the humans set up stations on other habitable planets and let them mine their resources from these outposts. In the Mass Effect Andromeda the players would possess the control over the flow of conversation, to forge relationships as opposed to the Mass Effect trilogy where the player exhausts the choice of dialogues.

In the new game the player would be able to take action-based decisions like to make somebody open a door at gunpoint, instead of persuading the person through crafty words to open it. Mass Effect Andromeda would be a multiplayer game. A new ‘horde’ mode would be introduced.

Patrick Soderlund of Electronic Arts in an interview with the Game Informer has stated that they are absolutely actively looking to remaster the old classic titles, as oppose to their statement a year ago, as there is evident demand for remasters in the market which was absent at the time of the statement.

‘Patience is bitter but it’s fruit is sweet’…so apparently, the fans of Mass Effect have to wait patiently for the cat to be out of the bag and can only hope the no-show would not tantamount to a failure of delivery. But would Mass Effect Andromeda be able to live up to the expectations of the players? The answer lies in 2017.

Stay tuned for more updates!