Resident Evil 4 Released Today

He is more a looming presence than a character can make the player undergo one of the most indulgent, gruesome and detailed decapitations in gaming should he manage to come too near to Leon who remains fixed to his position as he fires, after emerging suddenly from a crowd of the zombies already attacking.

He can be destroyed only through a shotgun, due to his speed unless one was very good at firing. His popularity had made Capcom had released a chainsaw controller for both Gamecube and PS2.

Then there is Verdugo, a monster who has been described as Salazar’s right hand, who in addition to being as scary as Dr. Salvador can also remain unseen like the flying bugs of the castle’s underground sewer. This gives the player often less than a second to attack this creature who is unyielding to most of the weapons.

Unlike Dr. Salvador the player has to move around a lot while he/ she is trapped with this monster while waiting for one of the slowest elevators ever to have functioned to escape from a maintenance area below the castle. Only liquid nitrogen can slow it down temporarily, though it doesn’t do much else and killing it requires quick but careful planning.

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