Filming for John Wick 2 Commences, Keanu Reeves Talks About Performing His Own Stunts, Official Synopsis Released, And More

John Wick was an unprecedented success that went on to surprise all the movie goers. Ever since there were rumors that Joh Wick 2 is on the cards, the fans have been dying to known what John Wick (Keanu Reeves) plans to do this time round.

John was a hitman who retires from active service. However, when some men end up killing his dog, John Wick comes out to seek revenge and all hell breaks loose.

News about John Wick 2 being conceptualized had been circulating for a while now. Recently it was reported that Keanu Reeves has been spotted working on the movie. This had excited the fans, since it means that the film is officially on.

Movie News Guide has now reported that the official synopsis of the film has been released and so has the list of characters. The film will take Reeves to Rome to work on the film and will make him come face to face with some of the worst killers.

Lionsgate, the producer of John Wick 2 has released the official plot synopsis, which clearly states that John Wick 2, is going to see the hitman coming out of retirement for the sake of an associate.

John Wick shared a blood oath with him and hence had no choice, but to agree to help him out. The former associate in question, isn’t up to any good. He is trying to take control of an international guild that works with assassins.

According to Collider, Common talked about his role in the upcoming film. He said that his character is less of a villain and more of a nemesis to John Wick. Both of them are very similar, they fight in the same way, but only up till a certain point. Fans are happy to know that John Wick 2 will not have a villain to simply make him do evil things.

The character will have certain nuances that will make him more of a rival to the hero and match him in every aspect. It will not just be about trying to kill each other, but it is going to be a battle of wits as well.

He said that John Wick 2 will delve deeper into the world of the assassin John Wick. For those thinking that the story will be very similar to the first part, the upcoming film will be a complete surprise. The action, the story and the struggle of John Wick are all going to be different and on a much higher level.

Common was much impressed by how Keanu Reeves executed all the impossible stunts on his own. Common had made it very clear that he will not be one of those actors who uses a stunt guy for the action sequence.

He spoke to director Chad Stahelski and they decided that he would train for a few months before the commencement of the shoot so that he knew the different fighting techniques to the perform all the stunts.

Games Radar reported that Common hopes that the fans appreciate the hard work he has put in and that the action sequences of John Wick 2 are able to excel the standards set by John Wick.

Common added that they had shot in some excellent places. He said there is a lot of fun to be part of a film and is looking forward to see the end result.

The one thing that made John Wick an instant success was its brilliant fight choreography. The fight scenes were shot in such a fashion that they look genuine and gave the thrill of a real hand to hand combat.