Everything We Know About Captain America Civil War, Initial Reviews Are As Good As It Gets!

Batman vs. Superman has been seated atop the box office for two weeks and attention has once again returned to the upcoming Captain America Civil War. In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of news regarding Spider-Man joining the franchise but there is a lot more to this film than the web-slingers introduction.

It is just a month until release and everything about the film has been rounded up. People are wondering about Team Captain, release dates and whether War Machine is really dead. In DC’s latest flick, we saw Batman pitted against Superman and in the follow up to Captain America Winter Soldier, viewers will get to see the Captain face-off against Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

Meanwhile, after the situation in Avengers, Winter Solider and Age of Ultron, the United Nations decided that all super-powered beings will need to sign the Sokovia Accords. These are legal documents that would regulate the Avengers.

This will hold them accountable for the actions and this leads to the government deciding whether they should take action against the threat or not. In case you don’t remember, Sokovia was the country dropped from the sky in Age of Ultron, the last Avengers film. Meanwhile, Tony Stark believes that political control is a good idea.

Sadly, Steve Rogers or Captain America doesn’t, since last time he was controlled by the government; they turned out to be the corrupt Hydra. The two heroes have two different principles and this is probably the foundation of Civil War. Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes is leading Captain America’s side.

He is Rogers’ old friend who was brainwashed by Hydra after the events of World War II. He has now recovered a part of his memory but he similar to Captain America as he shares the same problems with authority.

Moreover, it seems like Iron Man has a major vendetta against him.  Now we have Falcon, who is a close friend of Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter (Agent 13), Peggy Carter’s daughter. Peggy is one of the ex-founders of SHIELD and also ex-lover of Steve Rogers.

Then we have Ant-Man but he does seem like Anti-authority as he was locked in prison for many years of his life. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch is on Captain’s side as well.  This is probably because of her hatred towards iron Man and Stark Industries as a whole.

Next is Hawkeye, who is not sure why he is TeamCap even though his friend Black Widow is on Iron Man’s side. The rivalry of this pair has already been teased in trailers and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the end.

Moreover, Widow was very close to Cap and this is a shocker. In the meantime, Vision, who was created in Age of Ultron, is on Iron Man’s side.

This is not surprising, considering the fact that he has an Infinity Stone on his head and believes in the goodness of mankind. He probably believes that leadership could not be corrupted and that the goodness of man will persevere.

Meanwhile, Vision has a relationship with Scarlet Witch in the comics and therefore, their relationship opposing each other in the film will be another major point of interest. He also acts as a worthwhile opponent for Witch’s powers. Meanwhile, Iron Man’s good friend is on his side along with the newcomer, Black Panther, Leader of Wakanda.