A Comprehensive Review of the iPhone SE, Performance Is at Par with the iPhone 6S but Display Remains Outdated!

Apple iPhone SE is probably not the most exciting smartphone but the new device has a clear purpose ahead of it. It is available at a price of $399 and is the most affordable handset released by Apple yet.

The 4-inch screen of this device should appeal to people who are nostalgic about the smaller screen iPhones in the past. In the meantime, the SE is quite indistinguishable from the 3-year old 5s, except the Rose Gold color option along with some minor differences in the end.

Right now, it looks like a phone from 2013 but its internals are on part with the 6S and this came out only last fall. The only things that will be given up are the superior front facing camera in the 6S along with the faster Touch ID sensor as well.

At the same time, you do not get longer battery life in exchange and that should be considered as well. Moreover, the SE is a great deal for money and deserves a strong score from the buyers.

In terms of Pros, the device has great performance, starts at a price of $399 and has an amazing battery life for an iPhone. In the cons area, the screen is just too small for a device in 2016. It also has an old front camera and Touch ID sensor.

The base model also has a small 16GB storage capacity. However, people should understand that just because the device looks old, it doesn’t act like one. Equipped with a powerful processor, this device is here to stay.

Apple managed to introduce flagship-like performance along with the best battery life we have seen in an iPhone and squeezed them into a standard well-known frame. At the same time, some of the 6S niceties are absent in this device. That being said, the Apple iPhone SE is the best compact iPhone to be made so far.

The iPhone 5 refresh from Apple was highly-anticipated for a long time now. It has finally been released and comes with the name iPhone SE. It is available for purchase in many countries and by the end of May; it will be out in all 110 countries, according to iDevice maker.

The phone is primarily targeted at two different kinds of audiences. The first set of buyers is the ones who simply do not prefer larger phones but want excellent features and performance in a compact device.

Meanwhile, the second category of people is the ones who don’t wish to spend too much money on the latest generation of smartphones and has decided to settle for a cheaper variant. All the internal horsepower of the iPhone 6S has been packed in the iPhone SE and this will definitely satisfy the first set of buyers.

Available at $399 without contract and the price moves up to $499 for 64GB capacity model. As far as iPhones go, this is definitely the best budget device.

In terms of performance, the device deserves 5/5 stars. It uses the A9 processor, Apple’s fastest smartphone chipset so far and uses 2GB of LPDDR4 memory.

Frankly speaking, the device is on par with iPhone 6S/6S Plus which are arguably two of the fastest smartphones in the market. The SE doesn’t disappoint in real-world usage as well.

You can run even the most demanding 3D mobile games smoothly. This is no doubt, a result of the extremely fast A9 chip and a relatively low resolution of 1136×640 pixels display. As per smartphones go, the performance-per-pixel is off the charts. The device manages to generate an excellent web-surfing experience.