A Comprehensive Review of the iPhone SE, Performance Is at Par with the iPhone 6S but Display Remains Outdated!

The rear shooter is same as the iPhone 6S, which is one of the best rear cameras in the entire smartphone industry. When you consider a $650 iPhone flagship, criticizing the camera for not being the best, is certainly acceptable.

However, in the SE, a camera like this is absolutely awesome. Compared to the rear camera, the front camera is merely 1.2megapixels which is rather low for a present-generation device.

However, Apple needs to provide people with reasons to upgrade and this is one of them. The display is great but it uses the same display panel which was used in the ancient iPhone 5 which means that it is already 3 years old as of now.

Apple decided to use it as it is quite cheap to produce one now. Sadly, the display is noticeably less pleasing to the eye, compared to iPhone 6S. The display on the SE is outdated when compared to other Android devices in the same segment. Apple needs to step up its display game in order to outperform other devices at its level.

In conclusion, the iPhone SE is a great device and matches the 6S in terms of performance.

Stay tuned for updates on the iPhone SE!