Everything We Know About Captain America Civil War, Initial Reviews Are As Good As It Gets!

Rounding up this team will be Spider Man, who will be making a debut in this film. Meanwhile, not much is known about Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland and he chose to remain tight-lipped over his role in the film. At the moment, we do not know whether it will be more than a brief appearance but according to the rumors, he will be 15 years old in the film and also a small-time vigilante.

In the meantime, the movie has been talked about for quite a while and critics have already seen the first screenings of the movie. As a result, the first waves of reactions have emerged and from the looks of it, critics love it. According to Germain Lussier, Civil War is a complex mystery and poses a big, fun superhero film.

There are loads of themes and emotions the entire thing is very good and unexpected at the same time. According to Steven Weintraub, “CIVIL WAR is a Barry Bonds steroids hitting home-run by Marvel & Russo Brothers. And I LOVED Spider-Man in the film. LOVED.” He further added that this movie is going to make all the money.

He further appreciated the role of Black Panther and expressed his interest for a solo film. According to him, he absolutely nailed his role. Mike Ryan said that he didn’t really care much about Spiderman hanging out with other characters but he was there and it made Mike happy.

Stay tuned for more updates on Captain America Civil War!