Fast And Furious 7: Walker’s Stunt Car Auctioned, Vin Diesel Pays Tribute, Eva Mendes Rumoured To Join!

Fast and the Furious 7 is giving people a run for their money. The 7th edition of the movie is no different than the 6 prior to this. The only element that is missing in the 7th instalment is our beloved Paul Walker.

Paul Walker passed away after shooting a large part of his scenes for Fast and the Furious 7. He was in the passenger seat of his Porche when the car banged on to a tree and the engine burst into flames. There was very little time to escape and Paul could not make it.

It was very sad to see the man who drove a high powered car for all the six editions of the Fast and the Furious die in a car accident.

The 7th instalment of the movie has earned over one million dollars in less than 20 days. This has become a record breaking figure and is seen as a tribute to late Paul Walker. Vin Diesel who has been a close friend of Paul Walker, paid homage to the actor at the MTV Movie Awards with an emotional rendition of Wiz Khalifa’s hit See You Again. The song has broken all YouTube records ever since it was released.

In a recent auction held at Indianapolis the custom made Toyota Supra stunt car that was driven by Walker’s Brian O’Conner, was sold for a whopping 1,20,000 euro. This certainly is a very high amount, but much lesser than what experts had predicted.

According to the experts the famous car was to bag over euro 2,00,000. The figure did fall well short of close to $20,000 at the Mecum Auction. The car was one of the few which was a stunt car in true sense. With an engine powered over 200 horsepower and 6 cylinders. The engine is backed with a 19 speed gearbox and fitted with NOS.

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  1. Paul walker was an amazing actor and his character brain O’Connor was funny and Paul walker is the only one that fit for that part

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