Apple iPad Air 3: Spec details reveal larger screen size, Release Date Rumors!

You know its summer when the air is thick with the spec and release date rumor of the latest Apple device. This summer it is the Apple iPad Air 3 and the Apple iPad Mini 4. With Apple not being forthcoming about any details, the fans are happy reading up on the specs and release date rumors that are doing the rounds.

Expert Reviews predict a release date of November 2015 for Apple iPad Air 3. Ever since 2012, the new version of the iPad has always been launched by the company in the months of October-November to cash in on the holiday season sale. It looks to be the same this year.

The Apple iPad Air 3 is going to have a quad core processor. This feature has started speculation that the iPad Air 3 is going to be slimmer than the iPad Air 2. This looks to be a rather difficult approach, but you can always trust Apple to come out with the best designs. Apple enthusiasts concerned that the battery life shouldn’t be reduced.

There has been a long standing rumor that Apple is going to use the large-screen-in trend design to come up with the 12 inch iPad Air. This will be competition for the 12 inch Samsung tablets, but fans can only wait and watch to find out if iPad Air 3 comes out with a 12 inch screen.

Other sources have, however, said that the iPad Air 3 is going to be as slim as the iPhone 6 at 6.9-7.1 inch mm. The device might have the Apple A8X or the new A9 chip. It will have a 2GB RAM and will have the Force Touch Utility. Rumor also has it that the Apple iPad Air 3 is going to come with the Retina Display and will be powered by the iOS 9.

There is a lot of debate and speculations about what is going to be inside of the device. Some experts claim that the iPad Air 3 might be powered with an A9 chip, have a 4GB RAM expandable to 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and also 128 GB.