Apple iPad Mini 4: Rumored Specs, Launch Dates and More!

The next device from Apple that the users are gearing up for is the much anticipated Apple iPad Mini 4. The iPad Mini 3 had been launched last year along with the iPad Air 2. iPad Mini 4 is one of the most rumored Apple device.

The Cupertino company has kept the whole development process of the iPad Mini 4 under strict control, but there are rumors around about the supposed specs and it is being said that Inquisitr has been successful in gathering info about the specs of the device.

The Apple iPad Mini 4 will be slimmer than iPad Mini 3. It’s going to have a 7.9 inch display and will have a better functionality than the predecessor. Apple iPad Mini 4 is going to be released via Verizon.

There is major buzz that the device is going to be powered by an A9 processor. Samsung is the only brand that is currently making it in the market and it looks like the A9 processor for the next flagship product from Apple is going to be supplied by its largest competition.

In a report from Bloomberg it is said that by winning this contract from Apple to supply it with the A9 processors, Samsung will be able rebound against TSMC. Samsung has lost out to it last year when the company had won the contract to make the chips for iPhone and iPad.

Both the manufactures of chips, have been able to boost their capital expenditures and get a huge business profit with deals with Qualcomm and Apple. The semi-conductor industry is estimated to be around $300 million plus.

Apple was expected to announce Apple iPad Mini 4 in the Spring Forward Event, however, there was no mention about the device and the event instead saw the Apple Watch and the Retina MacBook Pro gold series being launched.

Apple enthusiasts are hopeful that with the internet buzzing with rumors about Apple iPad Mini 4, that the company is going to be out with it soon enough.