Apple iPad Mini 4: Rumored Specs, Launch Dates and More!

Tech experts believe that Apple should bring down its prices for the Mini 4 since the $399 for the iPad Mini 4 was on the high side. The lower price would instantly make the latest device more appealing to the buyers. They believe that the price range forces buyers to pay a little bit more and go for the iPad Air 4 instead.

All these being said and done, there is a dark cloud looming with Macworld stating that the Apple iPad Mini 4 might not be release this year. It seems that the company is focusing on the making larger-display devices, after the huge success of iPhone 6 Plus and could be instead working on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

The iPad Mini 4 will have 7.9 inch display, A9 processor with a 2GB RAM. The device will run on the new iOS 9. As with the other latest Apple devices it will also have Touch ID sensor.

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