Halo 5: Hunt the Signal Reveals Clues, 3D Figures, Competitions and More!

While playing Hunt the Signal, fans have encountered certain interesting images. Hunt the Signal is an alternate reality game for the first person shooter game Halo 5. The images hint that the zombie stand-in of the Halo series, called The Flood is likely to return in Halo 5.

Halo 5: Guardians is going to release on 27th October this year and the game will be launched exclusively on Xbox One. Data miners and fans of Hunt the Signal have shared gifs that reveal the cell-shaped structure beside a mountain peak. International Business Times was the first one to release the news.

Hardcore fans of the gaming series say that the mountain like structure is 343 Industries. The players believe that this image hints at the presence of The Flood in the upcoming Halo 5. This is a rumor and developers have still not come out to make any official confirmation, neither have they denied these reports.

In an attempt to increase the excitement and create a wider fan-base than the existing one, before the official release on Halo 5 in October, 343 Industries has launched an alternate game competition. The game is called Hunt the Signal and fans have to work their way through a maze of puzzle.

This week’s puzzles had some exciting images for the fans. The images have excited avid fans of Halo and there is much discussion about what it tells about Halo 5. The images reveal four cells. Each of them are odd in their unique ways; while one has surfaces growing around its surface, two cells were breathing and the last one showed a DNA being broken and combined to create to something.

In the numerous fan discussion forums around the internet, there is much speculation what the images reveal. There are two distinct groups following the interpretation of the four images. One group is of the opinion that the image hints at the return of The Flood in Halo 5: Guardians while the other believe that it shows the virus from Halo: Nightfall.