Kingdom Hearts 3: Captain America will feature, Release Dates, Delays and More!

Fans are still anticipating about which characters are going to be added to Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix is keeping absolutely quiet and there is no official word either denying or agreeing to the rumors that are doing the rounds.

There was a rumor that had started way back in February that Square Enix is planning on bringing in the characters from other universe into Kingdom Hearts 3. It was speculated that Darth Vader from Star Wars and Elsa from Frozen will be added to the Kingdom Hearts 3 game-play. These pieces of news are still rumors, but yes it has been confirmed that new characters are being added.

There are reports that this time round Captain America is going to be a part of this popular game. Fans are hopeful that the upcoming E3 will be the forum where Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts 3. With very little time left, the developers will either disappoint the avid fans of the gaming franchise.

Fans are not putting their hopes on E3 because the Kingdom Hearts 3 developers have a reputation of not being punctual. With E3 just a few months away, Square Enix might not make the formal announcement of their upcoming game in the event. They might look to make it in the D23 that is going to be organised in Japan in November.

D23 is months away as compared to the June E3 and fans are hopeful that the time is going to be enough for the developers to incorporate the new characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.

With the release date not yet in sight and the developers not yet releasing any inside information, fans are a little disappointed. However, game director Tetsuya Nomura has promised fans that the wait is going to be worth it. He said that there are great things planned for Kingdom Hearts 3. Nomura has also pacified fans claiming that the development process is underway and the announcement is going to be made soon.