Hart Of Dixie: Cancelled By CW, No Chance Of Return As Bilson Backs Out, Spotted Shopping, And More

It’s a sad time for the fans of the CW series Hart of Dixie. The CW has official confirmed that the show will not be renewed for the fifth season. Master Herald had reported that this official confirmation puts an end to the rumors about the show coming back.

It is common for shows to be cancelled because of poor rating, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with Hart of Dixie. Hart of Dixie actress Jamie King has said that the TRP rating for the show was good. The show wasn’t cancelled by CW because of the poor viewership.

Hart of Dixie was cancelled from returning for the fifth season because Rachel Bilson, the lead actress of the series has chosen not to return for the next season. Mark Pedowitz, the president of CW has, however, revealed that they cannot comment about the rating of the show because the rating for the least season hasn’t been tallied yet.

This indicates that in all probability the show might have been cancelled because it wasn’t doing as well as the CW bosses wanted it to do. However, even if the rating was good, it isn’t possible for the show to continue without Bilson’s character since she is the primary focus in the series.

Bilson left the show because she wanted to devote all her time to bringing up her baby girl with long-time boyfriend Hayden Christensen. The actress was already pregnant during the shooting of the last season and then left for a long vacation, ending all hopes of Hart of Dixie returning for the fifth season.

The fans of Hart of Dixie are happy that even though the cancellation news was abrupt, the season 4 had ended on a high note with Zoe and Wade getting married and George and AnnaBeth decided to start a relationship. With the main characters in a happy state and all the loose ends tied up, fans are happy that they were not left with answered queries, as happens with most cancelled shows.

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  1. Briar Rose is an adorable little girl, she looks like a mini-Rachel with Hayden’s light hair! God bless this little family. It’s a blessing that Rachel wants to take time with little Briar and actually can…what Mother doesn’t want more time with their baby? Hayden and Rachel make a stunning couple and I’m sure Briar will be amazing as well!

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