Amazing Spider Man 3: Garfield Ousted After Upsetting Sony Chief, Asa Butterfield To Be The New Spiderman!

Fans of the amazing spider man series will be disheartened to know that the Amazing Spider Man 3 has been officially called off by Sony Entertainment and Marvel Studios.

The main reason for all of this is rooted at an event held in Rio de Janeiro in the summers of the year 2014. It was this event where Kaz Hirai was to officially announce Amazing Spider Man 3. Andrew Garfield has always been known to be a short tempered and moody star and his mood was rather bad on this one day of the event. Andrew at the very last moment called off and decided not to visit the event. His reason to not attend was that he felt off colour with his health and hence decided to pull himself out of it.

This un-professional act of Andrew left Sony Chief Kaz Hirai with no option, but to change his speech at the very last minute. This also saw the signing of the historic deal between Sony Entertainment and the popular Marvel Cinematic Studio.

Marvel wasn’t happy with the way Sony was handling the superhero. The first instalment of Amazing Spider Man was a huge success and this was the reason why the second instalment was quickly released thereafter. However, things were not good with this film and it could only get53 points of out 100 on Metacritic. This wasn’t a good enough rating for a film and it didn’t qualify as a hit.

There has been a lot of rumour lately about Amazing Spider Man 3 with news that Sony has refused to go ahead with the film and Marvels has decided to incorporate Spiderman into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel has bought the rights to Spiderman and is also set to give the superhero a new image. The Spiderman plot line that Marvel is planning to explore will not be in the same line as the one that Sony was dealing with.

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  1. Andrew Garfield is more British than he is American, from the fact that his mother is British, he was raised there from age 3, and he speaks with a British accent.

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