Fallout 4 Far Harbor Performance Greatly Improved In PS4, In-Room Scale VR Introduced In the Game!

Bethesda could issue a mainline patch in order to fix such issues. The revised build is quite awesome when you compare it with the original PS4 build. At the moment, it outperforms the Xbox One version as well. The Xbox One frame-rates range from 20 to 30 but the PS4 looks a lot smoother.

Meanwhile, there are certain Fallout 4 mods that can be checked out for the Xbox one version of Fallout 4. One of the greatest features of Fallout 4 is that it is really open-ended. However, when you unlock a perk or apply a certain skill point, it gets locked.

You can make many different choices and start a completely new game. However, there is no way to backtrack on the earlier choices. Using Ish’s Respec Mod, you can make a new chem called Brainf*ck.

When you use that chem, your entire Skill Tree resets and all the points you spent previously gets restored. Another great mod is Pew Lasers. If you use laser weapons, this is a mod you will love. It takes all the laser-related sounds in Fallout 4 are replaced by a verbal Pew-Pew!

Stay tuned for more updates on Fallout 4!