Fallout 4 Far Harbor Performance Greatly Improved In PS4, In-Room Scale VR Introduced In the Game!

Bethesda has been releasing Fallout 4 DLCs at a steady rate and the latest one is the biggest release yet. This Far Harbor DLC takes the players to a place which is located off the coast of Maine and it comes with a thick radioactive fog. The disturbing mist keeps reducing your health but this causes a major frame rate drop in the PS4.

Bethesda released a new version of this DLC which has improved the overall performance. Far Harbor received positive critical appreciation when it was released last month.

A Metascore of 79/100 was received by the PC and Xbox One version while the PS4 version received a slightly lesser 75/100. The PC version received 8.3/10 from IGN. In Metacritic, the base game received 84/100 to 88/100. IGN gave this game 9.5/10 on all the platforms.

If you loved Fallout 4, you will definitely love this new DLC. Even if you are not a fan of Fallout 4, you might still like playing this DLC completely.

The strengths and weaknesses of the core game are still present but you will prefer solving an interesting murder mystery featured in a newly discovered vault. Sadly, if you are a PS4 player, the joy might be short-lived.

While spending time in the fog, the dismal frame-rate will mess up your experience. The fog has caused the frame-rate to go really low. Moreover, the gameplay experience was pretty sub-par.

Early VR support was brought to Fallout 4 with the early May release of Vireio Perception 4.0 Alpha. The injection driver’s early version works on OSVR and Oculus Rift. Sadly, it wasn’t ready enough for the HTC Vive.

The developers further released Alpha 2, which lends support to the Vibe. The injection drivers for VR are a work under development but this software only supports Fallout 4 at the moment. There have been some exciting advancements in Vireio so far.

It comes with interesting room-scaling abilities as well. The developers said that Steam VR support came with interesting benefits to developers. Vive HMD can be accessed by Vireio Perception by making use of Valve’s Open VR API. The games don’t include a Chaperone Safety System. It is a part of the SteamVR platform.

One of the developers, name Denis Reischl said that the Chaperone’s grid system makes it easier to scale the world properly.

This is because the grid walls add a reference to the reality and it is otherwise not available. The developers are more focused on room-scale support at the moment, due to which the development on Oculus Rift has taken a backseat.

In the meantime, the Fallout 4 development team responded fast to the outcry regarding the PS4 release. Bethesda released a new build of the DLC which should solve the problem.

Digital Foundry recently found that the updated DLC version now runs at a solid 30FPS. However, frame rates will drop occasionally but it seems like the fog’s overall presence was reduced.

The difference is in day and night. The only major problem is that most PS4 players have already gone through several hours of stutters and lags. If you have the DLC installed already, getting a new version will be a little difficult.

You can check out the six-step walkthrough from Polygon but for that, the entire installation might have to be deleted. You might have to re-download everything in order to make it work properly.