New Chapter from Winds of Winter, Named ‘The Forsaken’ Revealed, GRRM Says There Will Be More of Mercy and Certainly More Deaths!

George R.R Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire series, has been providing frequent updates to fans regarding his upcoming sixth installment, The Winds of Winter. It doesn’t happen too often but he does manage to bring out details through his blog or his website.

He is the best-selling author by his own admission but he has been working at a very slow pace. This is mainly due to his difficulty in responding to deadlines while he is traveling and blogging, not to mention other distractions as well. Due to this delay, the TV series, Game of Thrones, has completely overtaken the book series.

The author has been working at a really slow pace but recently he announced that since the fans wanted an update, he will provide an update. However, it was immediately declared that he is still working on Winds of Winter.

To the fans, the 67-year-old author said that they aren’t the only ones who are disappointed. HBO, the publishers and the editors are all disappointed. His foreign publishers, translators, and agents are also pretty disappointed.

Sadly, no one is more disappointed than GRRM himself. Up to now, the status of this novel remains the same and there was no announcement regarding the sixth book’s release date.

At a recent convention, George RR Martin teased more deaths and Mercy chapter. The author didn’t tell us about an exact release date and didn’t tell us how much is yet to be completed.

A Breathe Cast report states that at the Balticon 50 convention, Martin confirmed that there will be more deaths in his books so fans should prepare for some of their favorite characters dying. GRRM declared that there will be more chapters on Mercy, in the next book. He confirmed that Mercy is the alter ego of Arya Stark.

Martin had earlier shared a sample chapter named Mercy, with the fans. In the sample chapter, Arya was seen to be the member of a theater group and had Mercy as her assumed name. She used her skills to lure a Lannister guard away from his post and kill him.

At the end of the chapter, fans came to know that Mercy is actually Arya. Martin confirmed that Mercy was indeed Arya’s name but she didn’t take this name for killing a single Lannister guard. She wishes to kill more people while using this name.

She was last seen in Braavos and there is nothing suggesting that she will be traveling to Westeros any time soon. Many storylines have started converging in the Game of Thrones TV series.

At the same time, Martin provided his fans with a generous helping from The Winds of Winter, during the recent Balticon 50. Martin told us the story of Aeron Greyjoy and how he suffered in the hands of Euron, his brother.

Aeron was last mentioned at the kingsmoot of Euron. He tried to get away that time so that he can develop a resistance against his brother’s rule. Now, fans found out that Euron’s men have kidnapped Aeron and he has been placed in deplorable dungeons. He kept facing continuous torture from the latter.

The recollections of Aeron in earlier books revealed that he was afraid of the sound of a door or a gate opening, every time he encountered his brother. There was a valid reason behind it and Euron was finally revealed to be a kinslayer and an abuser.