Taylor Swift Performs Blank Space in Max and Kenya’s Wedding, Swift Rumored to be Marrying Calvin Harris!

Taylor Swift’s break-up with Calvin Harris didn’t stop her from making the dreams come true for a couple in New Jersey. This 26-year old Grammy winner surprised Max and Kenya Smith by coming to their wedding and performing the acoustic version of Blank Space, their 2014 hit. All the wedding guests, including the newlyweds, were immensely shocked.

However, it later turned out that the complete thing was planned by Max’s sister, Ali. Max told Access Hollywood that she looked at his sister Ali and she had that all-knowing smile on her face.

This is how he understood that the complete ruse was in fact, planned by her. Ali wrote a letter to Swift back in April, saying that their mother had recently passed away and Max decided to go to the hospital and marry Kenya so that their mom doesn’t miss it. You should also know that Max and his mom’s first dance were to Blank Space.

Gage Simmons, the cousin of the bride, caught Taylor Swift’s performance on video and it was later posted on Twitter. Taylor Swift then took to Instagram and posted a photo with Max and his bride and a rather cheeky caption, “Third Wheel”.

Harris and Swift’s break-up took place earlier that week and this was a major shock to all the Calvin Harris fans. They were convinced that Swift and Harris were meant for the altar.

Introducing Swift to the welcome screams of the guests, she said that Max, Kenya and all of them wish that his mom was there and it can be confidently said that she is smiling down upon them and hoping that they get the party started soon.

She said that they will start this marriage in the same way their mother started her marriage in a little room. Ali quoted Sheryl Sandberg, saying that the want option A. Since Option A is not available, they would kick the s—t out of the option B.

The 26-year-old Swift performed an amazing rendition of Blank Space on the piano while Kenya and Max danced in front of her. Later, all the guests joined them on the dance floor.

Swift joked on the microphone that when she wrote this, she never had an idea that someday, she would be playing this song in a wedding. She added that Max and Kenya will get what they want! The singer was clad in a gorgeous strapless dress and had her signature red lip.

She revealed that Blank Space was a song which mocked the rumors surrounding her dating lie. In 2015, she told NME how she faced statements like she is a serial dater and only writes songs in order to get emotional revenge on the guys. They called her a man hater and said people shouldn’t allow her near their boyfriends.

Taylor Swift felt that it was quite excessive in the beginning and quite hurtful. However, later she found a little comedy in it.

She said that around half the people got the joke with this song but the other half thought she was a psychopath and it’s all fine with her. US Weekly confirmed that Harris and Swift have split after 15 months of dating.

Harris later wrote on Twitter that the only truth is how their relationship came to an end and a huge amount of love and respect remains within them. Swift brought a gift for the couple and apologized to them for crashing their wedding.

It was a personalized painting, with the sentence “So it’s gonna be forever”. At the wedding party, she posed for photos with several guests and also posted a few photos on Instagram. In the end, Swift wasn’t the only personality who congratulated the couple.