Star Wars and Marvel Worlds Could Be Included In the Upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, Fans Expect Zootopia and Frozen To Be Featured As Well!

Fans are pretty excited about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game. New reports suggest that the game will feature more Disney worlds. According to The BitBag, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be featured in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3, starting from 14th to 16th June.

Several fans have started speculating that there is a major chance of a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer being shown at E3. According to earlier reports, Hironori Okiyama, ‘Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X’ producer, personally confirmed updates and news involving the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game. He even confirmed the fact that it will be unveiled during the E3 event.

The details which you can expect to be released are its launch dates on PS4 and Xbox One and also the characters to be included in the new Kingdom Hearts title. Meanwhile, latest rumors suggest that it will come with more Disney worlds.

The game has been made pretty interesting due to reports suggesting that the developers will include the Star Wars and Marvel worlds. Tai Yasue, the Kingdom Hearts 3 director, earlier announced the possibility of Marvel and Star Wars worlds being added to Kingdom Hearts 3.

However, an official word regarding this addition is yet to be confirmed. A report from Parent Herald suggests that Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen will also be included in Kingdom Hearts 3. Disney worlds which could be added to Kingdom Hearts 3 are Tarzan, Toy Story, Tangled along with Beauty and the Beast.

Gaming Bolt reported that the Disney contents which have been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3 are Tangled and Big Hero 6. According to the report, it is also a good opportunity for other Disney worlds to be shown off by Square Enix, like Frozen, Zootopia, Star Wars along with other Lucas Arts and Marvel properties.

The reports seem to be true since Christian Times also declared that Kingdom Hearts 3 will include worlds like Star Wars, Zootopia and Frozen. At the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, we will definitely witness a trailer and it could feature the said worlds.

The words are not yet confirmed but we know that Darth Vader, Elsa, and Iron Man would serve as great additions to the gameplay. Eric Johnson was hired by Square Enix and he worked on Star Wars 1313.

The director of Kingdom Hearts also revealed that the team is considering everything and nothing is currently off-limits. Other reports indicate that the game will finally arrive in 2017 April.

Reports suggest that the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 will remain a mystery in the upcoming E3 expo. The developer might announce the launch date after the event has taken place.

We don’t know when it will happen and why Square Enix decided not to talk about it. Fans should keep in mind that the earliest date in which Kingdom Hearts 3 will release is April 2017. The present fiscal year lineup of Square Enix ends during that month. It does not include the role-playing game.

Fans are hoping that even if Square Enix doesn’t mention a release date, they should at least talk about the various worlds that will be featured in this game. Fans are really excited because of the worlds it might feature.

A lot of these worlds have been kept a secret but there are many wish-lists and speculations running around. Fans really hope the entire Star Wars Universe along with Darth Vader; will be included in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.