Dark Souls 3 DLC, Release Date Update, Two New DLCs On Their Way Soon!

Gamers wait enthusiastically for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), scheduled for some time this June. As the medium offers major updates on their favourite video games.

One such game on the list being, the much-anticipated Dark Souls III DLC. It is estimated that the event will be held from June 14 to 16, at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

Fans of the gaming franchise are in for a treat, as there have been reports of release, of two expansion packs as opposed to one, which was previously announced. The names of the two DLCs are yet to be officially penned. Of the two packs, the first one is scheduled to grace gamers with its presence this Fall.

It is reported that apart from unveiling two new DLCs, Dark Soul 3, might also comprise of previous expansion packs namely the Artorias of the Abyss, followed by the Crown of the Sunken King which was soon matched up with the Crown of the Old Iron King, plus the Crown from the Ivory King.

Among a few things that fans can assume are, several new maps, new bosses to combat and more enemies to butcher, with this new version. In addition to these, the expansion packs will in all probability, also feature new armours and weapons.

The players, even though are inevitable to face areas from the previous segments of Dark Souls in these upcoming packs. It can be heard through the grapevine that the current segment may contain features like time travel to an earlier point in the history of the world; as well as stimulating geographical features like deserts and seas.

Since the game was released in April, it has been a while now and players must be at an end phase of the Dark Souls 3 or past it. This timely arrival of the two expansion packs shall prove to be a boon for gamers craving for more.

Dark Souls 3 has crossed the estimation for consoles and PC, with sales reaching to $6.2 billion, in April, when the game was released according to SuperData Research.

According to the latest information, the Dark Souls 3 DLCs will be sold at $25 together, as a bundle. However, each can be independently and separately bought as well. Till date, there isn’t any confirmation on the individual prices of the packs.

SuperData CEO, Joost Van Dreunen was heard commenting that Dark Souls 3 was the first of its namesake, to perform better on PC than on consoles, in terms of digital sales.

He also stated that this production of the Bandai Namco Inc. earned from digital channels a whopping estimation of $45 million in the first month of its release. This figure outperforms the console revenue estimate by a close $18 million.

FormSoftware has already introduced three versions under the Dark Soul banner, both as an original game as well as a spinoff series. Taking a hint from the previous games, it can be estimated that the maps offered in the upcoming DLCs may be smaller than what gamers might anticipate.

Although, longer than a single area, Dark Soul DLCs have a reputation for lasting consequentially shorter than the entire game. The extra areas which are offered might vary greatly on the play-length, the feel as well as the quality.

This occurs principally since the developer is experimenting frequently with the designs of the Downloadable Contents (DLCs). It is advisable to enjoy the game’s DLCs separately than hoping it provides an answer to the mysterious backdrop of the game’s story.

Given that it’s always exciting to learn about the game world’s history, we must also take our expectations under check for, Dark Soul blooms within the cocoon of enigma.