Dark Souls 3 DLC, Release Date Update, Two New DLCs On Their Way Soon!

Hence, it is highly unlikely that FormSoftware will tend to demystifying the tangled storyline of the game. Instead, they might choose to extend the contents of the expansion packs to a new area and direction, separate from the storyline.

Therefore, if you are hoping to find an explanation as to the origins of some of the NPCs like Astora and Londor, you might be disappointed coming June.

Despite not having the themes and design similar to the original vanilla content of the game, fans don’t necessarily have a reason for not enjoying the game with these updates.

This is because Form might end up providing users with exotic and entirely different equipment in these new packs, in its attempt to experimenting with the boundaries of the game. Which in turn might lead to the creation of a different genre of the game, separate from the initial one!

This will hopefully enable the company to make the most of this exceptionally popular game franchise’s life cycle; hopefully extending it.

Summing it all up, FormSoftware’s Dark Soul 3 DLCs shall be arriving somewhere this June, at the E3 expo 2016. Everyone is eager to see how the new DLC’s turns out. Stay tuned for more updates.