Exploring Alien Worlds, Male Pregnancies, Patch Fixes and Much More, For The Sims 4!

The latest trailer found in ‘The Sims’ YouTube channel shows how players can get into the role of a doctor while working on their medicine fantasies, clad in green scrubs or white smock. They will be able to hang out with other doctors, interact with female players and NPCs and also provide lap dances to patients! Lately, players of The Sims franchise have been complaining regarding with the gameplay as there was nothing new to be involved in. With all these new and crazy aforementioned features, players will get to have a job and become almost like their real-life counterparts.

In other news, Electronic Arts recently rolled out a patch 1.4 for Mac and PC players. In this patch update, there are fixes to performance and crash bugs. Errors like the ‘fail to load object’ issue when players come back to the neighborhood map after trying to load into a lot will be fixed. Further problems like Nvidia GTX 960, 970 and 980 cards facing ‘unrecognized video card’ error will be fixed as well. At the same time, gallery crashes have also been fixed.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!