Exploring Alien Worlds, Male Pregnancies, Patch Fixes and Much More, For The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 fans should get excited right about now as the highly popular male pregnancies are now back, to be released on 31st March! Your Sim can be kidnaped by our otherworldly neighbors, after which both males and females will get impregnated. This form of alien abduction was first seen in The Sims Livin’ Large and ever since then, it has plagued (or blessed!) every new version.

The shocking male pregnancies through alien abductions were noticed in The Sims 2 and 3. However, a new and interesting feature is that the alien world can now be explored. The aliens are a secret lot which can be visited by making a Wormhole Generator when you are in the Scientist career or if you are upgrading your Rocket Ship.

The name of this secret world is Sixam, which are Maxis spelt backwards! Meanwhile, the aliens in the human world will not be recognizable at first. While in their home world in Sixam, they are only green, purple or blue. It could lead to some surprising births if a female Sim gets impregnated by one. As for the other awesome parts of this game, you will now be able to build pools in your basement! Depending on your gameplay characteristics, it could end up being awesome or devastating! The Basements will have two distinct levels.

On a funnier note, it seems a crazy career path exists for players who wish to become a mad scientist! The players who choose to devote their Sim’s life to Science will be able to manufacture crazy inventions and wacky creations so as to keep up with the ‘mad scientist’ label. The madness will reach an extreme level of hilarity when these scientists get to hang out with the aliens!

Meanwhile, gamers who choose detectives will be able to set up an investigation. They are permitted to search their neighbors’ homes while hunting for evidence and investigating crimes. People who are seeking a more capitalistic and serious side can opt to become shopkeepers and set up clothing stores and photography studios among others. Furthermore, the shopkeepers can choose to control the prices and also decide what products to sell.