Suits Season 5: Focus on Harvey’s Family Life, Daddy Zane to Create Trouble!

Suits season 5 has been making news and making viewers anticipate the plot and drama even before it has been aired. Season 5 is expected to return this summer with new twists to keep its fans excited all throughout. Reports suggest Aaron Kosh the creator of the series is looking to make the upcoming season more personal.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) has had a lot to deal with, with Donna (Sarah Rafferty) deciding to walk off on Harvey for Louis, the former turns to his brother Marcus (Billy Miller) for help and support.  Marcus is a successful restaurateur and a happily married man, and it’s fitting that Harvey decides to lean on his shoulder to cry on and look to get support.

Harvey always got the woman he wanted and with the snub from Donna, he is finally going to deal with his relationship mess in season 5. He is expected to be seen walking up to a counsellor to talk and get his life sorted out. From discussing the loss of Donna from his life to his inner feelings about Mike (Patrick J Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) tying the knot.

Harvey’s new counsellor will be featuring in an important role in Suits Season 5 given the urgency with which Kosh is looking for an actor for the role. The character is going to be a no-nonsense professional woman, ranging from 30s to 60s. She seems to be the person who tries and improves Harvey’s chance of getting Dona back in his life.

With season 4 ending on a happy and high note for Mike and Rachel, things will turn up in Suits Season 5 that will test their relationship. Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), Rachel’s father will get involved a case with Mike, and this will affect Mike and Rachel’s rock solid relationship.

Daddy Zane and attorney Robert Zane are two very different people. Even though Daddy has given his consent over Mike asking for Rachel’s hand, when it comes to the court-room no relations and emotions work for the attorney and he will do all that it needs to and pay whatever costs it takes to win his cases.