Suits Season 5: Focus on Harvey’s Family Life, Daddy Zane to Create Trouble!

Kosh has made it very evident that even without Rachel’s father making nuisance. The couple will be on a bumpy ride. The marriage planning will bring up serious issues in the relationship, and it is no way going to be a happy wedding planning season.

Post a very beautiful romantic proposal in the finale of season 4 it might get disappointing for fans to see issues creeping in between the solid couple. The positive that can be drawn is that if the marriage is ever to happen these issues make them stronger and help them tackle problems in a better manner in the days to come.

Suits Season 5 will have a greater focus on Harvey’s family life. Harvey is a broken man this season and we see him cope. Like other season, there’s ample legal drama in store as well.

It seems like a long wait for the fans of Suit to see the drama unfold and come in terms with the new twist and turns that Kosh has waiting for them, as the new season unfolds in June.