With Its Increasing Popularity, Popcorn Time Will Soon Threaten Hollywood and Netflix!

In case you are a movie buff, you will have heard of about a mall open source project known as Popcorn Time.  With the help of this app and its nicely crafted interface, users can watch a great assortment of pirated films. It is an application which makes a Netflix-like interface for torrents of videos.

In case of distinctive torrent applications, you need to search and wait to download full videos before you can watch them. The process clogs up your hard-drive, and it can take long time depending upon your broadband connection speeds and number of peers sharing the video.  With Popcorn Time, you can start streaming an entire movie with just a couple of clicks.

As soon as you have viewed the movie, it disappears without a single trace of ever being on the user’s machine. Sadly, recent reports indicate that users might be misinformed. According to Popcorn Time FAQ, in reality the application seeds files for others to download. Here lies the major issue. Keep in mind that we don’t use and neither should you. We don’t advocate any form of piracy.

A group of developers known simply as Four Times are the makers of Popcorn Time. They eventually took the project down as they were afraid of getting sued. As soon as the project started picking up, the new developers shelved it.

Presently, another new group of developers are at the helm of Popcorn Time. According to them, viewers will soon witness the next iteration of this application. Obviously, you will find the new Popcorn Time clearly states that downloading copyright material may be illegal in your country, and you’ll be using it at your own risk. Hey, Thanks for the heads up!

However, there are countries where downloading of copyright music and movies is permitted as long as long as it’s done for personal use only. The Article 19 of Swiss Copyright Legislation states that, personal use fall under two forms of categories.