ESL One New York Event Will Feature Street Fighter V, New DLC Characters Unveiled In Cinematic Story Mode!

Balrog has received some new changes in Street Fighter V. First of all, the Jab Punch or the Light Punch has been toned down. In Street Fighter IV, the standing and crouching Jab of Balrog were amongst the quickest moves of this game.

They also had a quite decent reach. With that ability, pressure set-ups from other characters could be countered by Balrog’s player, by using a slapping crouching Jab. In case you were a Balrog player, the crouching Jab gave rise to higher combos in Street Fighter IV.

Balrog could obviously be baited and then punished, similar to any properly designed element of Street Fighter.

However, instead of Balrog’s classic offensive rush-down play-style, it was more profitable to play from a defensive stance in Street Fighter IV, due to Balrog’s Jab. Balrog is slower in Street Fighter V but it still has the ability to 2-in-1 into various moves. Obviously, Balrog is no longer the mean machine it was, back in Street Fighter IV.

In other news, the Cinematic Story mode in Street Fighter V is quite amazing but players are probably looking for the Arcade game mode. All the previous Street Fighter games had this mode but it seems to have been omitted in Street Fighter V. Moreover, Street Fighter V is not an arcade game and it was released directly on PC and PS4 without any port.

Stay tuned for more updates on Street Fighter V!