ESL One New York Event Will Feature Street Fighter V, New DLC Characters Unveiled In Cinematic Story Mode!

There’s exciting news for Street Fighter V players since ESL has announced their plans to host a 75000 dollars Street Fighter V tournament, to be held at the Barclays Center from October this year.

It has been named The Brooklyn Beatdown and it will join a massively popular FPS title, Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It will be a part of the ESL One event which will start from 1st-2nd October in Brooklyn, New York. There will be 1024 players featured in an open bracket during this Street Fighter V tournament.

It will also be one of the largest fighting game payouts of this year. There will be a group of online tournaments being hosted for players and they could win the chance to take part in this event. Stuart Ewen, the ESL Product Manager, said that they are very excited to bring Street Fighter V to an ESL One event.

According to him, some of the most legendary moments and gamers in the history of eSports are contained within the Street Fighter community. The Brooklyn Beatdown will help people to realize this and relay a lot of these moments to Street Fighter V fans, located all over the world. At ESL One, Street Fighter V will enjoy its first major event.

Keep in mind that ESL One has already hosted the Mortal Kombat X Pro League. The Brooklyn Center is the home of the NHL New York Islanders along with NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. Till now, this is the largest venue ever to be a hosting a tournament for Street Fighter V.

Many more games will be announced by ESL for the upcoming ESL One. The event has a combined prize pool of 325000 dollars between CS GO and Street Fighter V.

It was earlier reported that there will be new updates for Street Fighter V along with a new cinematic mode, scheduled to release in June. The Zenny currency will be removed by this update from the game.

However, players can keep purchasing items with real-world currency. Players will also have new costumes to choose from. This includes the premium ones which were not available from the earlier monetization system used in this game.

Officially, the Zenny Currency will cease to exist. However, it was clarified that Fight Money will continue to exist and it will be used in Street Fighter V since people can freely acquire it by simply playing. Capcom has also confirmed that this game will come with a new cinematic mode named “A Shadow Falls”.

It is a four-hour long expansion pack that will be released later during June and it will include new playable DLC characters as well. Capcom also announced that this will be the first time in Street Fighter history that fans will be able to engage in a cinematic experience.

The story mode will cover the battle between Shadaloo and World Warriors. The event began when seven black moons were released by Shadaloo and furthermore, a mighty power that could turn earth into darkness was acquired by M. Bison.

Ken, Chun-Li, and Ryu were given a mission to discover missing fragments in order to protect the earth from the evil plans of Black Moons. Ibuki, Alex, Guile, Urien, Juri, and Balrog are some of the new playable DLC characters to be included in the expansion. Prior to its official release, these characters will not be playable in the other game modes.