Battlefield 1 Leaves Out France and Russia in the Multiplayer Mode, Beta Version to Release Before the Actual Game, And More!

Battlefield 1 is an upcoming first-person shooting video game that has been developed by EA DICE. The game is based on World War I and it will be published for the platforms of PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by Electronic Arts.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 is currently underway and at this very event, a brand new trailer for Battlefield 1 has been released by the developers. Along with the trailer an hour of multiplayer gameplay footage was also shown at the said event.

DICE has come forward with some news regarding the multiplayer version of the game. The various factions of World War 1 that will be making an appearance in the multiplayer section of the game have been revealed by the company.

A particular fan asked DICE on social media as to which of the nations will be playable in the upcoming game. DICE replied to the question by stating that British, German, American, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Italian nations will be playable in the multiplayer mode.

The two important nations missing from the list are Russia and France. Both of these nations were deeply involved in the World War 1 and thus their absence raised quite a few questions. Apparently, France and Russia suffered the most casualties during the first World War.

France was one of the first nations to get involved in the war alongside the British Empire, Serbia, the Ottoman Empire, Japan, Germany, and Austria-Hungary. Italy joined the war in 1915 while America joined it even later, in the year of 1917.

It has come to light that the French nation will get incorporated into the game through a future DLC. Julien Wera of DICE stated that the French nation was one of the most significant contributors to the World War I.

The developers decided to abstain from including the nation straightaway. However, they will show up in the game through a future expansion pack. However, it is not known yet whether the expansion pack would be free of cost or a paid one.

It is a known fact that female soldiers too were involved in World War I alongside the male soldiers. However, it seems that the female soldiers have not been included in the game and this has raised a few eyebrows.

Amandine Coget, an ex-coder of DICE revealed that initially the developers thought of including female soldiers in the game. However, the idea was shelved later on during the actual development of the game.

Coget expressed his dissatisfaction at the decision and stated that female soldiers deserved to be included in the game. The game also has some modern day aspects that included parachutes and other items. Apparently, they do not completely match with the era in which the game is set in.

Coget stated that the inclusion of modern aspects was okay up to a level, however, the missing female soldiers is something that should not have happened. He stated on his Twitter handle- “All that is believable but female soldiers are not, to the core audience of boys.”

A beta version of Battlefield 1 will be rolled out before the actual game is released. Details regarding the beta is scarce at the moment, however, a brand new Battlefield 1 beta website has been set up by EA. It could be an indication that the beta will be released soon.

Various reports state that might be released during the summer. The Gamescom is scheduled to be held in the month of August and it is likely that EA will come forward with some specific details regarding the beta at the said event.

EA is urging fans to sign-up for the Battlefield Insider. It is completely free of cost and takes just a few minutes. By signing up, fans will become eligible to receive some exclusive contents and in-game rewards. It will also enable them to gain access to the public beta ahead of those who do not sign-up for Battlefield Insider.