Latest Rumors and Updates On the Apple Watch 2, Built to Function Independently Without an iPhone, to Launch with the iPhone 7? Let’s See

The Apple Watch 2 is one of the most anticipated devices of recent times and a number of rumors regarding the upcoming gadget from the house of Apple have been building up on the internet for quite some time now. The Apple Watch was released more than a year ago and now fans are geared up for the release of the second generation of the wearable device.

Apparently, the number of units of the Apple Watch that has been sold till date has crossed the 12 million mark. As for its predecessor- Apple Watch2, rumors are that it will releases within the ongoing year. Chances are that it might be unveiled during the course of the ongoing month itself.

As for the design of the device, it was previously reported that it could be 20 – 40 percent thinner than its predecessor. That being said, renowned security analyst Ming Chi-Kuois of the opinion that the upcoming device will not be very different from its predecessor when it comes to the matter of design.

However, he added that there might be a major overhaul in the technical aspects of the device. one of the rumors that has been persistent when it comes to the Apple Watch 2 is the inclusion of a small camera in the device. This camera will have the capability to record video. It can be used by users for the purpose of Face Time.

Another rumor that is doing rounds suggest that the device might come in two variants. One of them will have the 4G connectivity feature, while the other one will have 3G connectivity. Users will have the freedom to choose any model as per their requirements. A single model with both 3G and 4G connectivity will also be launched by Apple.

It is also being rumored that the device might not be required to pair with an iPhone in order to take advantage of its functionality. It might be so that the Apple Watch 2 will be seen performing independently.

In that case, a data plan has to be activated on the Apple Watch 2 and users will have to shell out money for the data plan of their choice. Various reports suggest that the device might pack a bigger battery which will keep it running for a longer period of time.

In order to incorporate a bigger battery, the developers might decide to go for a thinner display panel for the Apple Watch 2.

The WWDC 2016 event of Apple is scheduled to take place soon and the Cupertino-based company might be seen coming forward with some significant updates regarding the device at the said event. The event is scheduled to kick off in the oncoming week.

That being said, rumors also have it that the developers might find it challenging to incorporate the feature of wireless cellular data into the device. Also, building the device with a bigger battery and adjusting the display to make enough room for the bigger battery might pose a challenge for Apple.

In that case, Apple might be forced to delay the unveiling of the Apple Watch 2. It was previously announced by Apple that the Apple Watch 2 will be rolled out by the end of March 2016. However, as can be seen, Apple has failed to meet that deadline.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, another reason that could be behind the delay of the Apple Watch 2 could be related to the software that will be used for the device. A beta version of the Watch OS 2.2 was released in the month of January.