Latest Rumors and Updates On the Apple Watch 2, Built to Function Independently Without an iPhone, to Launch with the iPhone 7? Let’s See

Apparently, Apple is waiting for an update for the particular OS to arrive and then incorporate the same into the Apple Watch 2 before rolling it out. The said OS is in its beta stages and it will be sometime before the final version is rolled out.

Parent heraldĀ reports that the upcoming device will have a design which will be quite different from its predecessor. The Apple Watch arrived with a square dial, however, its predecessor could be seen sporting a circular dial. A number of color options for the device is also on the cards.

The site also reported that the device will be waterproof and thus users will easily be able to wear it when indulging in activities involving water. Apple assistant Siri will also be getting an overhaul in the upcoming device. It will be more accurate and advanced and will be able to perform tasks with even more efficiency.

The price of the Apple Watch in US was slashed to a tune of $100 in the month of February. It could be an indication that Apple is gearing up to roll out the more advanced Apple Watch 2 to the market.

A number of reports state that it could hit the market within mid-late 2016. Apple might also decide to launch the Apple Watch 2 with the iPhone 7 which is scheduled to release in the month of September.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple Watch 2.