Downton Abbey Season 6: Lily James Confirms That Rose Will Be Back, What Next For Lady Mary And Lady Edith?

The relationship between Lady Edith and Lady Mary hits rock bottom in the upcoming episode. Edith blames her elder sister for ruining every chance of happiness she has ever got and lashes out at her for being selfish. In the wake of their terrible fight, fans are hopeful that the two will somehow reconcile and mend all their problems by the end of Downton Abbey Season 6.

Downton Abbey had been continuing for ten years. Being in such a popular series for a very long time typecasts the actors and it was one reason that they looked forward to the series finale. However, it looks like all the actors have already landed their next job.

Michelle Dockery is going to head over to USA to take part in American series, while Laura Carmichael has already been cast in the next ITV series called Marcella. Joanne Froggatt and Hugh Bonneville are also going to be busy with new projects. The popularity of Downton Abbey has also ensured that most of these actors have American agents who can get them work overseas.

Julian Fellowes has still got fans wondering what’s next in store for the characters and has guaranteed them a great Season 6. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the upcoming episodes of Downton Abbey Season 6.